My 0n30 Sawmill in action

First of all the logs are tipped into the log pond

After which the log monkies try to separate them ready for the de-barker and then into the sawmill

Now the log is being brought up to the log ramp waiting to go into 

the de-barker

The log  travels through the de-barker on live rolls

From the de-barker, the log is fed over a transfer table.


As the carriage is not quite finished with this log, it waits until the carriage is clear.

Here is an end view of it.

This shows the log carriage halfway through the bandsaw.

And a completed run.

Now the plank can be taken through the edger.

Now it is clear of the edger

Once through the edger, it is taken to the cutoff saw.

From here, the planks are stacked ready for transportation to various industries.

Here's the view of the sawmill with the roof on.