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Old 16th February 2011, 00:36   #1
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Default Bachmann DC DMU's to DCC

Hi this is my first post :-)...

I have decided to move to DCC from DC and i have converted a number of Hornby and Lima trains to DCC and they all work very well, my question is about 2 bachmann dmu's i have.

1 Cross country 220 4 car dmu
2 170/2 3 car dmu

Both of these trains have directional lights and red tail lights that change with the direction of travel, I have been told that i need 3 decoders for each of these units and that the decoders that go in the leading and trailing cars are not the same as the power DCC chip these are function chips. where can i find these function chips and has anyone done this conversion to either of these trains.

I hope this all makes sence.

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Old 16th February 2011, 05:05   #2
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Default Re: Bachmann DC DMU's to DCC

There are special decoders that handle lights only (without motors). There was an article or thread somehere a couple of years ago where someone did a 5 car unit and IIRC used 3 different decoders. Your local DCC supplier should be able to advise.
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Old 16th February 2011, 11:46   #3
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Default Re: Bachmann DC DMU's to DCC

Hi and welcome to AMR.

please see attached and it may be have help,
I have used TCS function decoders, and also Lenz and Digitrax make good function only decoders,

Cheers Neil....
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Old 25th March 2011, 16:32   #4
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Default Re: Bachmann DC DMU's to DCC

Hi Anthony, and welcome to AMR!
If you only need basic forwards/backwards motion functions for lighting (2 functions), then you might consider simply using a very basic Hornby decoder - even though it has motor outputs, there is no need to use them, and the Hornby chips are pretty much the cheapest, as well as being relatively small. I wouldn't use them for anything else mind you!!
Only if you need extra functionality, such as lighting effects (glow, flicker etc.), and function mapping do you need to worry about using anything more expensive.
I have extensively used TCS FL4 decoders, DigiRails and CT DCX33 function-only decoders (CT are my favourite), but there really is no need, since the basic 10 Hornby decoder will do what you need anyway. TCS are quite cheap if you buy packs, but are still more than the Hornby at around 12 each.
CT DCX33 are (from what I've used), by far the best function-only decoders around in terms of functionality (8 outputs, fully mappable, and plenty of effects, high output good for smoke units, and incredibly small), but at 25-30 a shot, you need to WANT to use the extra functionality to make it worthwhile.
Cheers, John
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