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Default Joist Jig

As I was asked, I'll post a picture and some "how to " here.

I'm sure it can be adapted to any scale, but I drew it up in 1:87
To space the rafters/joists evenly I used evergreen styrene strips 0.156" x 0.03" , which will put the joists 15.5 (scale) inches O.C.
If I would do it again I would make it like in the drawing above, 2 strips 0.5" long and 0.25" apart.
Once the joists/rafters are cut to your desired length and in place in the slots you can glue on your boards, either individual or as a whole sheet as I did for "Farmer Wilhelm's Moonshine Still"
X stands for the desired width of your rafters (i.g. 0.08") and Y for the desired length.
Once the glue has set the floor/roof can be easily removed from the jig. Be careful that you don't glue it to the jig itself!

Any comments and improvements are appreciated!

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