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Old 6th October 2016, 17:19   #321
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No problem at all John. Hope you had a good trip.

Pontoons make complete sense! How are they generally secured in their respective place - do I model mooring on them, or are they generally anchored?

The ship will be made parallel once I build the pontoons, and I have to model it properly moored and stationery since I am simulating that the product transfer has already begun. The challenge for mooring for me is that the available space is so less (and frankly un-prototypical) there is no way to model mooring away from the ship - right in the front of the ship there is the bridge. I might manage something towards the stern, but the bow side has no space at all. Also the starboard side is water and passage way for boats further inside, so I cannot model buoys there.

I am scratching my head again!
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Old 7th October 2016, 12:47   #322
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We had a great trip. My sister will not fly and so came on a cruise ship, had overnight in Quebec and sailed in the evening.

Mooring on the pontoon would be either chain or wire, or even a combination with wire on top and chain at the lower end, from the far side of the pontoon to the wall, and as it's low water they would be almost at full extension. (the weight of chain will keep it along side as the tide rises.)

As for Sirius, the bow is quite simple. One line from as far forward as possible to the bollard by the green tank, another from the break of the forecastle to the same bollard, then one from there aft to the bollard by the yellow building.

The aft end is a different kettle of fish. I would suggest an extra bollard, the pontoon will need another one to tie off to anyway. One right by the gangway would work. Then it would be as easy.

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Old 16th October 2016, 09:07   #323
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Thank you John! I will get to that this week and complete the scene. Hopefully will have some pictures by next week.

Take care,
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Old 8th October 2018, 21:19   #324
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Default Wrightsville Port lives on!

Well, I know that hardly people come to this forum anymore, but I cannot help but just clicking on the link in my favorites from time to time. I think there is a little hope that this forum will kick back in through some miracle, someday.

So as long as the forum lives and I have access to post, I'd rather post my progress, I thought - even if it is one post in a year or two!

Wrightsville Port moved to its 6th home back in March. Quite a journey that little layout is having, though I believe this should be it's last one. I can realize that it cannot take stress of these frequent moves anymore!

But the good news is that the layout is up and running better than ever, and I am back to model railroading as well. In the meantime, the layout was featured in Google Art and Culture.

I have a new website, and a YouTube channel

There are many new progresses that you can find my new blog, and also a new ops video in YouTube

Here is a new one that I am particularly proud of - an abandoned factory.

Whoever finds this, hope you enjoy these new progresses. Until next time, HAPPY RAILROADING!
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