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Old 27th June 2007, 14:05   #41
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Default Re: You can model a sawmill now in any space....................

Generally speaking Traction Engines got more use than the US style donkey Engines in Oz
Farmers often owned their own as the served multiple uses such as drive for Mills, Thrashers, Pumps, conveyors and Dynamos. They are also quite a powerful road engines being able to tow many trailers loaded with Timber, Wool, Hay etc
There is a shomans engine on this page:
Notice the Dynamo up front
Showmans Engines, with elaborate decorations and detailing, were often used at country fairs to power lights, provide drive for rides (merry-go-rounds) and privide steam for the organs and the like
Drive to the rear axle was by leather belt which was removed to power other items
Ah, those were the days.

An extremly versatile machine in it's day
LOVE the old Burrells and the like, there are several restored engines at my local steam society, Campbelltown Steam and Machinery Museums. Each year they drive the roads to Menagle (about 10 mile) for the local show. A sight to see
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Old 27th June 2007, 17:05   #42
KY Blue
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Default Re: You can model a sawmill now in any space....................

" Hmm...set me thinking. Not sure about USA "
Here is an example of a steamer in the US....

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Old 25th January 2011, 21:14   #43
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Default Re: You can model a sawmill now in any space....................

This is particularly interesting to me. In the event I actually start construction on a logging layout it will likely be On30 and I won't have room for a full blown sawmill with log pond and all that rigmarole.

Are there any examples of a narrow gauge line that brought raw logs down to a modest mill where the logs were transfered to the cutting tools, then the cut lumber transfered to a standard gauge car for delivery? I was thinking the mill could just cut the logs into manageable large lumber like 12" x 12" beams for easy and dense loading onto larger standard gauge cars to be moved to a more comprehensive sawmill off the layout. Does that make practical sense? I guess the thing about narrow gauge logging is that anything could be realistic. They did all kinds of bizarre stuff in the woods.
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Old 26th January 2011, 01:51   #44
Roy Buchanan
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Default Re: You can model a sawmill now in any space....................

There wer a lot of "Gypo" mills here in BC. Most had their own steam plant, but why not power one with a traction engine. Cutting cants (squared logs) would make for nice outbound loads. Hmm, you've given me an idea.

We had a mill here in Port Alberni that cut large timbers and was fed by a narrow gauge line with standard guage outload. It's now an operating heritage site. Some timbers would require two or three flat cars to carry the load.

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