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Old 6th October 2012, 02:14   #1
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Default Stuck Need help

Hello to all. I'm new here. I have been reading through the site, lots of great things here! Thanks to all that contributed. I have returned to Model Rail Roading thanks to 0n30. In almost two years I have not completed much. I have scratch built some rolling stock and I'm kit bashing a 2/6/0. A good friend of mine and I are trying to start a Modular Layout to take to shows, to promote the scale. I have taken on the roll of designing the standard of the Modules. That was the easy part. What I cant do for the life of me is come up with a track plan for my part of it. I was hoping you all could help me with this. My part of the layout is 2 feet by 8 feet. Main track center from front is 6 inches, rails flush with the end plate. I can bump the front out if the space is needed but must be 24" at the end plates. I want to do a yard, but there will be two yards on the layout, this one and the one my friend will be doing. All turn outs will be stubs. New members will add to the layout between the yards. Things I'm trying to accomplish are a double ended siding, spur tracks for freight cars etc., a one to two stall engine house, a small car shop, an ash pit, small coal sand bins, water tower, small passenger depot, and a 12 to 13 inch turntable if space allows. I know its a tall order that's why I'm asking for help on this. It will also serve as my home layout till I get more space. Type of equipment will be 2/6/0s to K27s .

Thanks so much for any ideas Nate
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Old 16th October 2012, 01:59   #2
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The moment someone sas "On30", the first thing that comes to my mind is Paul Templar's Badger Creek Lumber Company -

I wouls suggest go back about 4-5 years in the old design threads by him (Shamus), I'm sure you will find some real gem there...

Good luck!
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Old 24th October 2012, 16:54   #3
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For inspiration, take a look at this thread. It is Volume 6 of Troels Kirk's layout in Sweden. The previous volumes have a lot of info although not exactly what you are looking for.
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I used to have a 2x8 module in OO (HO).
It had a double track line down the center. On one side we had a spur to a passenger platform with a kick-back spur off it. The other side had a spur to a double platform, again with a kick-back spur. there was also a crossover. The crossover and the turnouts to the sidings took up half the length (it was two 2x4 sections).

You might consider getting an N-Trak manual -- they have a lot of possible layouts. Search for Narrow Gauge Madness --a Toronto group that are building modules.

Be careful with letting people build what they want. We found that almost everyone wanted to build a station.
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