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Old 14th October 2011, 06:21   #1
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Default Scratch building a diesel shunter from Indian Railways.

posting to this forum in a long time. I have been going through a lot of posts, especially in the scratch building section and i must say I'm mighty impressed

I am a scratch builder myself, not so much as a choice but began more so due to compulsion, though today, that is the way to go for me and I ain't complainin.

I collect RTR stuff of american railroads, but my primary interest lies in modelling locomotives and rolling stock of the Indian railways. I am not era or type specific, just pick up what i like and try to replicate!. steam, diesel, rolling stock, passenger whatever seems attractive to me..... One can say its at-least for now only broad guage, but other will soon follow.

these are two seperate pictures of the prototype, these images have been copied from google and i lay no claim to them.

I donot have a large collection to boast, just a few proud builds in varying stages of completion. I go about each build picking up new skills and techniques, products etc and improve on and so forth.

Right now I have just begun work on a small Diesel- hydraulic shunter that was commonly used on various shunting duties throughout India. I say "was" coz, they are currently being phased out , all the more reason to immortalize this "cute" loco.

what will follow is a brief description of how i go about this project and its developments and not so developments
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Old 14th October 2011, 06:28   #2
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Default Re: Scratch building a diesel shunter from Indian Railways.

for the base I'm using a HO scale Fleischmann DB Class V60 0-6-0 , i got it off ebay for around $40. these old Fleischmann were a charm! , all metal construction, made in west germany (where does one see that lablel nowadays ) after a little cleaning and light lubing it worked preety well, a little cleaning of the wheels made it excellant! . I unscrewed the top all metal shell (I know , what a loss ) but ....

and removed the 2 front lights cause those donot figure in the loco I am building. the loco base is not DCC ready, the whole frame is "live" and i still need to isolate the motor, i think i will get to that a bit later, right now i just want it it work in normal DC.

After pouring over pictures and old grainy line drawings, i finally have a dimensions set i have settled on, its a slight give and take between the real dimensions and a fit to the exsisting frame without major modifications to it.

next to come was a scale mock up of the shell using card stock.

after seeing it was a resonalble fit and that it cleared all gears, motor and other obstructions, its time to begin the actual build:

this picture shows the cutouts for the main body shell of the locomotive. the base was constructed first in a 3 layer constuction using 0.5mm (~0.020") styrene sheeet and a paper thin layer of used ultra sound? sheet, its basically PVC in thin form and very flexible. yet water resistant, glue friendly and long lasting. perfect to depict thin sheet metal.

the central cavity was then cut out using a X-acto and paper cutter. All this was then glued together using a rubber based adhesive.

A small "ledge" was left between the 2 layers of styrene base to allow a groove for the vertical plates. You can see the front and rear shell plates attached in abv pictures after cavities for a the head and rear lamps were drilled by hand.
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