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Old 22nd December 2011, 21:08   #1
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Default what size turntable is useful in On30?

As I have a few turntable kits on the boil I'm interested in what you guys think would be useful.
I'm quite sure there isn't a one-size fits all.
We are often really short on space in our layouts - and other times we have space, but not a turntable availble that is affordable, or long enough.

Affordable turntables don't grow on trees so its seems!
I used a peco turntable on silver creek, that Shamus had modifiedinto a gallows turntable. it has a few issues for larger 2-8-0's and 2-8-2s don't fit at all.
but at 12" it's overkill if all you are doing is turning small engines.

So I'm thinking about 4 sizes with 16.5mm guage. (so the guts can be used for HO, OO) as well as On30, 016.5, and Gn15

Tiny turntable: 4" good for 4 wheelers, 0-4-2 and 2-4-0)
Small turntable: 6" this is one I'm not sure about - its not rea
Medium turntable: 9" suit shays, climax etc.
large turntable: 15" will turn nearly anything. Thinking about gallows kit version for that too.

no point in making a 12" turntable: Peco do one, and for a much nicer model Backwood Minatures make a 12" one. (but neither are motorised).

If you start spending uber-money then DCC controlled ones are great - no doubt about that, and modifying an HO one isn't hard. But I beleive there is also a need for affordable solutions too.

But what do you think?
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Old 23rd February 2012, 23:24   #2
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Default Re: what size turntable is useful in On30?

Our club has a turntable that is not quite large enough for the biggest loco we have. Therefore I'd say a little larger than the largest loco you own or intend to own.

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Old 3rd March 2012, 08:05   #3
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Default Re: what size turntable is useful in On30?

It's unlikely I'd ever have anything larger than a Shay on my currently imagined layout. Probably 9" would be useful. If I had it my way I'd have more than one on the layout, spread out.

Going much larger takes up so much space that they become cumbersome. You really have to have a massive layout to house a particularly big turntable.
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