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Default Re: Wow, there is a lot to digest......

The track with the roadbed varies from brand to brand. Mainly, the ends are all different and incompatible.
However, most of them have ends (rail joiners) that will mate with the plain track if you prop the plain track up on some roadbed. There may be one or more that don't have railjoiners and use brass electrical contacts. I waver in my opinion whether the differences are caused by patent considerations or plain cussedness.
The same problems come in HO and O.
Most of the sectional track is code 70; for code 55 you probably will have to use flexible or hand-laid track. Peco makes "code 55" track with rail the height of code 70 but enough of it buried in the ties, so they can be used together.
Some of us feel that if the sides of the rails are painted a dark colour they become less obvious and we can getaway with larger rail. Some of the wheel flanges are large enough to bump along the smaller track.

Don't worry too much about dust -- there are track cleaning cars, and blocks, and fluids, and Flitz, and ...
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