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We had a great trip. My sister will not fly and so came on a cruise ship, had overnight in Quebec and sailed in the evening.

Mooring on the pontoon would be either chain or wire, or even a combination with wire on top and chain at the lower end, from the far side of the pontoon to the wall, and as it's low water they would be almost at full extension. (the weight of chain will keep it along side as the tide rises.)

As for Sirius, the bow is quite simple. One line from as far forward as possible to the bollard by the green tank, another from the break of the forecastle to the same bollard, then one from there aft to the bollard by the yellow building.

The aft end is a different kettle of fish. I would suggest an extra bollard, the pontoon will need another one to tie off to anyway. One right by the gangway would work. Then it would be as easy.

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