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Default Freight ops on the BER

The Blackcloud Estate Railway does not have sidings at intermediate stopping places. The wagons are small enough to be loaded or unloaded while the train waits though, or can be left on the running line to be collected later. The sequence of photos below shows two trips using both methods of operation.

1. Arrival at Mud Hooter Lane. The loco is propelling an empty ash tub and an empty flat car.

2. The flat car is loaded with barrels at the warehouse then the train departs propelling the empty tub and loaded flat.

3. At Lakeside Wharf the flat car is unloaded and the train departs, propelling both emties.

4. On arrival at Blackcloud Manor the train buffers up to an empty coal skip on the running line.

5. The skip and tub are then propelled onto the traverser and the tub is pushed by hand onto the siding.

6. The skip is coupled to the flat car ready for departure.

After departing from Blackcloud Manor the train runs non-stop through Lakeside and Mud Hooter Lane on its way back to the exchange sidings.

7. On the second trip the loco is propelling a loaded coal skip for Blackcloud Manor and towing a loaded flat wagon for Mud Hooter Lane.

8. The flat is detached at the warehouse and the train continues…

9. … non-stop through Lakeside to Blackcloud Manor, where the skip is detached.

10. The engine then runs light back to Mud Hooter Lane where the flat car has been emptied.

Once the flat car is attached the train propels back to the exchange sidings.

The modules are 1 inch to the foot scale, using 32mm gauge (O) track to represent a 15 inch gauge light railway.
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