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Default Re: Brockville & Westport

Brockville to Lyn

This was the original track plan of the yard. They squeezed a lot into one small block. I'm going to have to leave out two of the engine house tracks (space), and even so this will take up the first six feet.

The two tracks at the south of the yard can be for the old shoe factory (forget the name, sorry, but it now houses the Brockville Yacht Club).

Leaving town the trestle would be another seven and a half feet (I think I can squeeze 12") followed by a plate bridge over the GTR (Atlas standard 9") and we're at the rock cut. I mentioned the Frontenac Arch earlier. The Trans Canada Pipeline runs just to the north of me and the crew said that this is the toughest rock they had come against all over Canada. Even with modern tools and materials this would be a hard slog. Remember they havn't even got to Lyn yet. Imagine a quarter mile long and 50 feet deep a hundred and thirty years ago. Rock hard. Sorry. I spotted it on the satelite view on google maps, zoom out for a longer view, and it goes... zoom in and, Ohhh, that's the path I take the dog down through the woods. Now to get in between the highway and the CN line to find the cut. The properties up for sale so it shouldn't be a problem. Take the dog for a walk and bring the camera. Or take the camera for a walk and bring the dog.

Lyn was where the gravel ballast came from (Lyn pit is where I sail my RC yacht), so there will be a spur here.
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