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Default Brockville & Westport

Hi all,

I'm finally getting a railway room of 14' x 12'. I've been wanting to model the B & W for sometime now. It's a line that still has a lot of mystique around here and captures the imagination in a way that CN doesn't.

Most of my research has come from with additional material from and

I still have a lot more to do, happily some of that can come under the guise of family outings this summer. Get a railway and brownie points. I do recommend reading Railway Bob's articles, partly so you can follow along with me and partly just because they're just so interesting, even without the local interest. First hand accounts of life on the rails,

There's still a ways to go before construction can start.

My space is the front half upstairs, I need the rest for storage.
I am further along than this, but I still need to wire, insulate, drywall and siding yet. In the mean time planning, buildings to be built, trees to make.

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