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Default Track Cleaning

Track Cleaning

I noticed in another thread the various methods of track cleaning, so I thought I would show just what I have been using for the last 30 years. Way back and long before “Centerline” brought out their roller made out of brass, I had thought about a contraption, which would alleviate the tedious method of track cleaning, and came up with the following ideas.

1) Track scrubber using very fine Wet/dry emery paper
2) A cleaner that rolled around using Isopropyl Alcohol soaked into a cloth (Jiffy)
3) And a cloth cleaner to clean off the residue afterwards. Again using Jiffy cloth.
All my units being used at once, the scrubber followed by the rolling cleaner followed by the stationery dry cleaner.

The first unit to do its job is what I call a scrubber using 800 wet/dry paper (Very fine)

This unit has a sprung weight with the paper on it and is pressed onto the tracks. Needless to say the unit itself is quite heavy being made out of steel.

The second unit has a revolving wheel, which actually rolls on the track; the roller is solid stainless steel and has a jiffy cloth around it to serve two purposes. 1) to allow the Isopropyl Alcohol to be soaked on it and 2) to stop a dead short across the tracks.

The last unit is similar to the second but the roller doesn’t revolve, it stays still and picks up the gung. The roller needs to be rotated occasionally to allow a clean part onto the tracks.

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