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Default Re: Wow, there is a lot to digest......

Originally Posted by RW James View Post
First - be VERY careful with some of that Bachmann track. You do not want the track made of steel. Only use nickel silver. Steel is hard to keep clean and doesn't conduct electricity as well.

Generally speaking, most brands of track should work well together. The only thing you need to be concerned about is rail height - usually expressed as "code" - such as code 70, or code 55.

And while the initial warnings about N scale were valid, you should know that a lot of people use it very successfully and I would be willing to bet many of them are worse housekeepers than you.

Do not be scared away from this hobby. It is very rewarding. Dioramas are great, but in this case you will be building dioramas that actually move. It can't be beat.
I don't know RW...... I USED to have a little miniature Dachshund that ran up under the sofa one night...... Ain't seen her since! LOL

Did I mention I sometimes have a tendency to exaggerate?

I'm probably here to stay unless I come up on something that just completely distracts me from this like Particle Physics or Quantum Mechanics........ LOL

One thing I have never feared is a new undertaking. I've finally learned over many years and many other undertakings that there is a very organized methodology to learning.

Dive right in and make mistakes. But know they are coming and document! LOL
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