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Default Wow, there is a lot to digest......

Like any new endeavor it is easy to get overwhelmed early on. I am re-discovering this after a lifetime of being overwhelmed initially by new projects. This undertaking, I knew up front, would be much the same if not actually worse!

I had heard the part about dust and grit on your tracks and this does concern me somewhat because I have a dusty house. Hey, I am a bachelor. Dust is part of our life. It's part of our caves. It's part of our cooking. Heck bachelors understand dust and realize that if we leave it alone and make no sudden movements it will lie there quietly. Now I find with N Scale I will have to re-assess my relationship with my domestic dust! Not too bad until you look under my sofa....... that's gonna take some dust bunny negotiations!

Anyway, I didn't post this to try to be funny. I wanted to know something about track considering my re-learning this dust thing....

I've bought some track off of eBay and a single pack of Bachman straight track, the kind that comes with a plastic road bed attached. The eBay purchase is Atlas track I think.

My question is, does mixing track brands cause difficulties?
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