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Default Winter Photocompetition.

The winter competition will have a seasonal theme, xmas trains? snow? (or lack of snow for our southern hemisphere members). Basically anything that portrays the festive season.
For this competition, the first month will be Model pictures, the second for Prototype photos. This will allow people to take prototype photos all through the season.


The Competition is now closed
Model Photos Thread (Closed)
Prototype Photos thread (Closed)

The votes are OPEN, and will run until Saturday 26th February.
Prototype Vote
Model Vote
Combined Best Photographer Vote <- there is no combined vote as only one person entered both halves of the competition.


If you want to enter for the combined photography competition as described in the Rules and Format Thread, just post one picture in each of the Model and Prototype threads, and I will sort them out for the third vote.

Please Read the Rules if you haven't already done so before entering.
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