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Hi Kaustav.
Sorry I didn't get back right away. We went to Quebec City for a bit.
Anyway, the rafts aren't life rafts. (I'm sure you were scratching your head), but a pontoon raft.
Picture a floating rectangle made of steel, with a couple of tank lids to enter it ,in case of damage or repair. Put a bollard in each corner with some cleats to hang 4 x 4's off along the sides. Paint it an ugly scabby black , floating about 18" ish above the water. As it rises and falls with the tide there is usually a good weed line. Build it wide enough to hold the ship off the wall.

I agree with you about the need for extra mooring lines, but I'm unconvinced of these. Three lines each end, two leading away from the ship and one leading in to the middle is the ticket

As the ship isn't parallel to the wall maybe it could be just arriving, but that's enough ideas for now, eh.


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