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Default Wrightsville Port: N-Scale Waterfront Layout

AT LAST! 'That day' is here...

It's been more than 2 years wait to this day when I can actually start a thread that catalogs my new layout. You all know that me and my wife have been working on various small scratch-building projects over the months to keep ourselves busy... and now we are here...

To give a short background, from the very beginning, we were determined that we are going to make a waterfront layout, but it being so typical of me, I kept on changing the plan. Although I wanted to make an 'original' plan, one plan that caught my eye so dearly, that I just couldn't let go. And that plan is Ian Rice's Coalport, MD, 1941.

I saw that plan back in early 2009 and this plan inspired me a lot. But,I drifted away in eternal confusion about what to do or what not to, what I actually wanted, and what I didn't. About 3 months back, when I saw that plan again, I knew that, 'THAT' was something I wanted.

I have changed the plan considerably though. Moved the time line at least 20 years ahead in the decade of 1960s-early days of containers. The trackplan itself has been changed a lot, scopes of scenery increased... So basically, I have been heavily inspired by Ian Rice's Coalport plan, but at the end of the day-it is my plan after all...

Here is a glimpse of the plan. To get a detailed idea about the original plan and how I changed it, please visit our blog: Also, please keep visiting here as we will be posting many new things here pretty soon.

The story:

Wrightsville port is an imaginary port in Wrightsville, NC dated back in 1960s. Days of Steam are dying and Diesel motive power is on the move-but you still see one or two steam engines pulling the cars to this small port on the Atlantic. Though pretty small in size, this port adapted itself with the modern era of intermodal transportation with ease. The port has a small container crane on the quay that previously used to harbor relatively large freight ships. The port also has an old coal trestle that is still used extensively, but the authorities are thinking seriously about new age coal transportation and this trestle is going to be dismantled within the next year or two.

As of now, the benchwork is completed and I have taken a week long vacation to work only on the layout. So, hopefully it's going to get very exciting.
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