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Default Re: A Shay for the Bear Creek Lbr & RR

First progress is done !!!

I spend 1.5h on the lathe last evening and reworked the wheel and gear to fit to a Shay wheelset.

The gears are shortend by 3mm on the rear and bored to 26mm. The wheel was turned to a press fit with the gear in the second step. At last, I made a ring from a large washer that will represent the gear mounting on the wheel.

At this time, all parts are just fitted together without screws. But it's a great feeling to hold this wheelset in the hand and to know "this will be a Shay some day" ;-)

Tommorrow, I'll be off for x-mas vacation, so progress will stop for the one and a half week or more. But the project is started.

Bye, Gerd
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