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b12brother 6th December 2010 22:35

FC&L branch reconstruction
Hello everyone,
I thought today that it would be time to start a new thread for the reconstruction of my logging/mining layout, the FC&L branch.

What I wanted for this one was:

- Enough space under the layout for car parts storage
- Using the whole length of the room 8,9 m
- Along the wall
- Switchback for logging
- Sawmill
- Engine maintenance shed
- Lights above the layout

I was little faster building than making photos, so the pictures show a bit more than just the benchwork.
I used the system with rails and brackets fixed to the wall. This system can take some weight it's about 60 Kg per bracket. Every 2' is a fixation. It's pretty solid so it will easily take the weight of the plaster. A second row of brackets holds the lights.
I began with the switchback as I wanted it to look the same as on the old layout with longer tails and some are double.
The layout is 8,9 m long and 60 cm deep, lowest track is at 1,2m and the highest point will be at 1,4m.

Excuse the mess on the photos but it will be cleaned up as soon as the whole woodwork will be done.
I'll keep you updated.

RW James 6th December 2010 22:49

Re: FC&L branch reconstruction
Those brackets are a good idea! And they provide a structure for the back scenes to be mounted. It looks like you've got a good easy depth to work with and ample length. I think you'll be happy with this one.

mysterd429 7th December 2010 02:08

Re: FC&L branch reconstruction
Hi, Alain. That's a cool idea with the bracket. I just used a bunch of those for storage shelves. Those brackets are pretty easy to cut with a hacksaw, too.

b12brother 7th December 2010 22:47

Re: FC&L branch reconstruction
Yes Rick, I also think that this is the one. It was just a matter of time to find out that I don't need a loop. I like it more to switch cars back and forth than looking at a train running around without touching the controls.

I also planned to use a mirror at each end of the layout.
Someone already used this rail/bracket system here on the AMR, here's the link:

Next few things I'll do is finish laying track on the switchback, installing the rest of boards for the backdrop (like last time I'll paint it) and installing the "roof" so I can install the lights.
And as for uncoupling I'll do it manually I only use magnets where it will be hard to reach, like on the upper track on the switchback or track behind a structure, I don't want to kill trees or something I could touch with my arm.

b12brother 12th December 2010 22:22

Re: FC&L branch reconstruction
Yesterday I went in our big shop to buy some more wood and lights and began to install some lights. Piece after piece it's coming together the wiring of the lights takes it's time. I use once again my aluminium wire screen everywhere where rocks will be modeled and pink foam for areas with trees and grass or other light scenery.
Now with the lights it looks like this.

Only one half is done but the rest will follow soon. The trees are only there temporary as I don't have any space left to put them elsewhere.

b12brother 20th January 2011 23:36

Re: FC&L branch reconstruction
Hello everyone,
I come up with some news.
As we have to reorganise the house and move things from one room to the other I ended up with an overloaded garage, what forced me to tear down again the railroad to make space for my stuff. As I'm more into cars than in RR the choice was quickly made. Everything will be kept, of course, I'll still continue to modify my shays or build other motive power, eventually a little diorama. All this is because we now (in few months) need the second bedroom, so everything in there has to be stored somewhere else.

All this is because b12brother is going to be a daddy. It's only in few months, but I have so many things to do in the house, that I don't wanna reorganise everything on the last minute.

I'll also still be following this place as I'm still interested in the hobby.
So I hope that you guys are not too much disappointed but sometimes we have to make hard choices.

RW James 20th January 2011 23:42

Re: FC&L branch reconstruction
Congratulations Alain!

I've been there myself twice - as a matter of fact, I began to think that almost completing a layout was what caused babies. (I think I'm safe now)

Roy Buchanan 21st January 2011 01:41

Re: FC&L branch reconstruction
Congratulations, Alain. I'll miss your layout progress, but there are priorities in life.


mysterd429 21st January 2011 13:24

Re: FC&L branch reconstruction
Congrats, Alain! Perhaps there is a model railroad club in your area that you can join and keep active in the hobby. Best of luck!

scout 21st January 2011 14:49

Re: FC&L branch reconstruction
Congratulations mate


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