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JohnM 13th May 2012 05:58

I was looking on Flea bay the other day and someone was selling rocks made of bark. Next day I was in the wood shed and came up with a few likely candidates.

The two smaller pieces are of oak and the longer piece is maple. I found ash to be too flaky. Pine strikes me as a possibility but I don't put softwood in the stove and didn't think my neighbours would take kindly to macheteing a chunk from their tree.

First I brushed any loose growth and dirt off with an old toothbrush and sprayed with grey primer.

Next, I drybrushed with raw sienna.

Then a dark brown wash coat.

I followed this up with dry brushing black.

Don't look too shabby. I'll probably finish with a black washcoat.


RW James 13th May 2012 14:55

Re: Rocks
John - those look great!

I've read about using cork bark for rock, but I could never find any around here.

I've also read about using rotted wood for granite - very believable looking (we have a lot of that around here)

JohnM 5th March 2013 20:44

Here's a look at how those rocks turned out on the layout.

Not too shabby.



TCWORLD 6th March 2013 21:59

Those rocks are looking pretty darn good!

JohnM 7th March 2013 12:06

Thanks Tom

My buddy actually came up with the same result but with less work. He just cleaned them up and gave a light spray of the grey primer!!

JohnM 21st July 2014 18:10

I just picked up Augusts edition of MR and there on pg 51 is an article on making rocks out of bark. You heard it here first.


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