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JohnM 18th March 2010 02:42

Brockville & Westport
Hi all,

I'm finally getting a railway room of 14' x 12'. I've been wanting to model the B & W for sometime now. It's a line that still has a lot of mystique around here and captures the imagination in a way that CN doesn't.

Most of my research has come from with additional material from and

I still have a lot more to do, happily some of that can come under the guise of family outings this summer. Get a railway and brownie points. I do recommend reading Railway Bob's articles, partly so you can follow along with me and partly just because they're just so interesting, even without the local interest. First hand accounts of life on the rails,

There's still a ways to go before construction can start.

My space is the front half upstairs, I need the rest for storage.
I am further along than this, but I still need to wire, insulate, drywall and siding yet. In the mean time planning, buildings to be built, trees to make.


JohnM 18th March 2010 03:19

Re: Brockville & Westport
I'll break this up in to small managable segments.

The Overall Plan

Scale is 2 squares to the foot

Simply because of space constraints (and this seemed huge compared to the 2 x 8 in the shed) I've got to leave some places out, although Glen Elbe and Fairs have ceased to exist in their own right. Forthton will have to be downgraded to a flag stop

The best maps are in the railway chronicles site.

This area is known as the Frontenac Arch (more info geologically and is 30% lakes, rivers and other water courses and 40% forest. The rest is largely rural. There's dozens of small private sawmills, maple syrup, dairy and arable farms. More about the Arch later.

JohnM 18th March 2010 03:34

Re: Brockville & Westport
Brockville to Lyn

This was the original track plan of the yard. They squeezed a lot into one small block. I'm going to have to leave out two of the engine house tracks (space), and even so this will take up the first six feet.

The two tracks at the south of the yard can be for the old shoe factory (forget the name, sorry, but it now houses the Brockville Yacht Club).

Leaving town the trestle would be another seven and a half feet (I think I can squeeze 12") followed by a plate bridge over the GTR (Atlas standard 9") and we're at the rock cut. I mentioned the Frontenac Arch earlier. The Trans Canada Pipeline runs just to the north of me and the crew said that this is the toughest rock they had come against all over Canada. Even with modern tools and materials this would be a hard slog. Remember they havn't even got to Lyn yet. Imagine a quarter mile long and 50 feet deep a hundred and thirty years ago. Rock hard. Sorry. I spotted it on the satelite view on google maps, zoom out for a longer view, and it goes... zoom in and, Ohhh, that's the path I take the dog down through the woods. Now to get in between the highway and the CN line to find the cut. The properties up for sale so it shouldn't be a problem. Take the dog for a walk and bring the camera. Or take the camera for a walk and bring the dog.

Lyn was where the gravel ballast came from (Lyn pit is where I sail my RC yacht), so there will be a spur here.

JohnM 18th March 2010 03:55

Re: Brockville & Westport
Lyn to Athens

Still single line here to Athens. Near Forthton will be Gibbons Sugar Shack. I've yet to hear back, but I've asked for some photos from the twenties. They'll have some; maple syrup is a long term commitment. It takes 50 years before a tree can produce. At Athens there is a very distinctive church, other than that it's little more than a crossroads. I plan on having the section gang headquartered here as well as a lumber yard and stockpen / slaughter house. I'm lucky that I have pictures of Lyn and Athens stations. Thank you Railway Bob. At Athens will be the beginning of dual lines to Forfar.

Athens to Delta

There was a how to in MR last April? possibly? to make a handcar shed. It looked something like this.

The original colours were red on top, green below, (but what shade. More questions). They're still visible in the picture. If Athens is a crossroads, Soperton is a T junction on the back roads. Behind Soperton I'll put a small sawmill.

Delta still has the mill Plus I plan of having a tannery here (it goes with the shoe factory and the slaughter house.) Delta sits on an isthmus between Upper Beverly Lake and Lower Beverly Lake, so a bit of a squeeze.

JohnM 18th March 2010 04:12

Re: Brockville & Westport
Delta to Forfar

We're still dual track leaving Delta and on to Forfar. Forfar had the connection with the Canadian Northern Toronto - Ottawa mainline. This is where one line can disappear to staging below Westport. I'll need scenery blocks to disguise it.

Forfar to Westport

If anyone is familiar with the Big Book of Model Railroad Track Plans, number 5 is easy on the eye for Westport. Westport is part of the Rideau Canal system and has a dock. The last time I was there a cruise boat came in. Sidecar Bob will be familiar with the Kawartha Voyageur, It's from his neck of the woods.

Removable section

This will connect up with the CPR loopline and allow for a bit of roundy round as well as point to point. If I do it right, its also a convenient size to take to shows, although I havn't decided on a trackplan for this yet.

JohnM 18th March 2010 04:52

Re: Brockville & Westport

Lots of them.

Does anyone know where to get 47' passenger cars?
Would there have been a first class compartment? Brockville at the time was a very affluent neighboorhood. More millionaires per capita than any where else in Canada.
What colour was their livery?
I'll have lots of DCC questions later.
As well as asking advice on scratch building. Most of the buildings, Stations, Athens church, Delta Mill etc.
How did they keep the watertanks from freezing? I saw a Northern Water Tower by Campbell Scale Models that shows the legs enclosed, Did they heat it?
Is anyone brave enough to try this on a computer to see if it will work? All I have is a lot of chicken scratching on paper.

I must admit I am really excited about this project. Photographic updates might be few and far between for a while as it seems my $600 digicam is obsolete (no drivers for windows 7 or Vista) so I'm back to the 35mm. At least until I can ressurect the old 8gb machine. Someones bound to have windows 98.

On decals
Obviously they will have to be custom jobbies. I found this earlier this week. There were some posts recently on this subject, and I think I'll be investing in it.

This guy looks very much like engines 66 and 67

BR60103 19th March 2010 02:46

Re: Brockville & Westport
Hi John.
I can't answer your questions about the B&W; I grew up on the other side of the Mississippi.
There is a fellow in the Hamilton/Burlington area modelling the B&W; he's been on the layout tour a few times. I may be able to find his name.
On water towers: I'm not sure how they kept them from freezing but it may have had to do with heating from the lower compartment and keeping the water moving above. I know the Perth tower had a stone lower part rather than the wood enclosure you often see.

JohnM 20th March 2010 18:27

Re: Brockville & Westport
Hi David
Thanks for the reply. If you remember his name let me know. I found some 50' passenger cars at the LHS by Roundhouse, although "Local" is a relative term.

I made a mistake on the shoe factory in Brockville, it was MacCrady's Tannery. I also found the rock cut the other day. Nearly an hour thrashing through the bush and 5 mins back down the CN service rd.

I've also made a start on some buildings. The model power Blue Coal depot is becoming the gravel loader. It had some large holes in the roof, so I've used the original part as a template for making corrugated iron and will completely enclose the roof. This is Canada after all.


JohnM 5th March 2011 16:53

Re: Brockville & Westport
Well finally an update.

I got the occupancy permit in Sept and just passed the electrical final inspection on Tuesday. Let there be light.

Now the weather is starting to warm up a bit and were starting to get back on the + side of the thermometer I'll be making a start. I have built a few modules over the winter. Once I'd put up the partition wall I promptly took it down and moved it back and have a space 14ft x 14 ft.

Here's the track plan.

If your wondering about the top left corner that's where I'm going to have to blow through the wall into the roof space for the other leg of the wye. (Ignore the circles in the center, they were templates for curve in Paint)

I've narrowed down the era to 1906 - 1910. By this time the original BW and Sault Saint Marie was in receivership and was resurrected as BW and North Western. They ran 3 loco's #65 - #67. I've bought to be #65. This one was scrapped in 1913 and had disappeared from the roster a couple of years earlier. I have 2 of as #66 (the first one to be purchased new in 1904)

and #67 purchased in 1906.

As passenger cars I have

I bought 10 project cars, 5 box and 5 cattle like these but undecorated

Control is NCE Power Cab.

So, I'll be starting on the Westport module on Tuesday by then it's supposed to be up to -11, ah well.

Cheers all

Roy Buchanan 6th March 2011 03:22

Re: Brockville & Westport
I like this track plan, John. Is your staging stub ended or does it connect on the right side? Love the wyes. Lots more operational potential with them than with a turntable.


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