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50s Diner 4th April 2006 21:48

Slider Tool for any Scale
All your track is laid, and a problem!!! you have to replace a switch, or a bad 6" section of track, or you are connecting your modules for a show. I think we all have at one time cut out a section of track with our dremel tool for a splice and cut out a row of ties and have pushed our new rail connectors all the way back so we can drop in that new section of track in place.

our connectors placed all the way back, Now you drop in your new track section

Now you could do it the old fahioned way by using a small screwdriver to slide your rail connector across to the other rail but why not make a slider tool

Take a piece of brass flat stock cut to a convenient length and at one end cut a slot that will accommodate and ride the rail to slide the connector home

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