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tinlizzy56 7th March 2007 23:09

Rusty Old Car HELP?
A tale of woe
well here is my first go at making a rusty old car not real good
so as you can see from the pictures I need help I used some varnish and a steel wool pad which I soaked in water for about 3 weeks but as you can see the particles are not fine enough
so all yea masters of wisdom please please give me some help and show me the way so I may follow in your foot steps and strive to become the best of the best.:doh:

TCWORLD 7th March 2007 23:59

Re: Rusty Old Car HELP?
Im not sure what anyone else thinks, but you are probably best using pastels to weather it/ make it look rusty.

LancashireFusilier 8th March 2007 06:47

Re: Rusty Old Car HELP?
Railmatch paints which I purchased from the UK for about GBP2.50 make two different rust coloured shades which I am using on corrugated roof iron in oo scale

Howqua 8th March 2007 07:41

Re: Rusty Old Car HELP?
I would use chalks to do it..

tinlizzy56 8th March 2007 21:13

Re: Rusty Old Car HELP?
Well there all good idea's and thanks for the input,chalk sounds the cheapest there are products available called rust in a can but I'm not spending $41.00 Au for a 1x2 pack
So I will test out the chalk and see what results I can get.
And as always thanks for the input and all the best.

RussNutah 9th March 2007 20:06

Re: Rusty Old Car HELP?
This won't exactly help with the colors... But it always bothered me that a Non-Damaged auto can be all rusted... Put a dent or two in the body so it will look a little more beatup... Russ:)

berraf 9th March 2007 23:02

Re: Rusty Old Car HELP?
I really could use a rusty car at my layout because it's such details that makes the difference :)
God job you have done

tinlizzy56 10th March 2007 21:23

Re: Rusty Old Car HELP?
Well the car in the picture is only a cheap one that I purchased from a ware house sale there were 12 cars for $4.50 Au I call them model fillers
to remove the plastic glass I had to drill out the rivets on the base of the model and remove the plastic shell then I just super glued the base back on.
But being a all alloy model its impossible to make dent's in it
I did consider setting it on fire but then I would end up with a big blob of metal.
The only other thing I might try is to drill holes get a center punch then fill the hole to make it look like a dent.
Well all the best and I will see how I go:)

LancashireFusilier 12th March 2007 08:40

Re: Rusty Old Car HELP?
Couple of ideas - give the perfectly good car to a 3 year old and it will look perfect as a wreck for your model within about an hour or so. Secondly, drop the whole car into a jar of turpentine and all the plastic will disolve - did it once when I repainted a matchbox car and didn't like the paint job I had applied.

tinlizzy56 13th March 2007 00:00

Re: Rusty Old Car HELP?
Some good ideas there a 3 year old will do the trick.
At the moment I have the car sitting In an used sardine can full of water hoping the rusty old steel wool I applied will go a brighter red.
My rule of thumb is if it don't work first time just hang in there and try something else.
Well thanks for all the good tips and maybe some of you modelers out there could post some pictures of your rusty old cars. :) :) :) :)

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