Plans Page ---- Some of my front covers from  publications

All Plans fit into a 14' by 11' room. 

HO and N-scale track plans.



If you want to save a plan to your computer, right mouse click / "save picture as"

Every Track Plan was drawn by me using a computer. 

All plans except 5 - 10 -  11 & 14 have been published with supporting  articles

They are not to scale, but all fitted into a 14' by 11' room

except number 6  this  was in a garage 16' by 8' also  numbers 11  and 13 were in a room 26' by 13'

Plan (1) First Raton Snake Valley in N-scale

Model Railroading  July 1997

Plan (2)  HO version of Raton Snake Valley

Model Railroading  February 1994

Plan (3) HO Beaver & Timber Springs

Model Railroading March 1996

Plan (4) An N-scale layout featuring BNSF running

Buffalo Ridge

Model Railroading September 1998

Plan (5) HO logging layout with Santa Fe main line

Plan (6) Another HO logging layout with BNSF as main line

Bear River Lumber Company

Model Railroading August/September 1999

Plan (7) N-scale BNSF

Bitter Creek

Model Railroading April/May 1999

Plan (8) HO Santa Fe ( A to B was the holding tracks underneath)

New Beaver & Timber Springs

Model Railroading May 1997

Plan (9) N-scale in a garage (All roads were run from time to time)

Eagle Rock Canyon

Model Railroading November 1994

Plan (10) N-scale featuring mountains - bridges - and a large town

Tumbledown & Tumbleweed


Plan (11) N-scale featuring a large town - holding tracks and mountain scenery

No Name (never finished)

Plan (12) HO  =  large yard holding tracks underneath  (A to A)

Bear Creek Railroad

Model Railroading November 1997

Plan (13) HO -  26' by 13'  double track & point to point

Plan (14) N-scale same idea as plan (10) revamped

Photo (15) 26' by 13' (Raton Snake Valley- rides again)

Model Railroading August 1997